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How do you create a modern, space efficient look that is both customizable and versatile in both style and function?

Decorating trends come and go over the years. Traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles all have their place in history.
Couple that with the need for efficient space planning based on the current style and you have a challenging project.
Today’s market, both new construction and renovations, has gravitated towards the contemporary style.
With that comes a unique problem. How do you create a modern, space efficient look that is both customizable and versatile
in both style and function?
One solution is sliding glass doors and panels from Alpha Premier Interiors. Interior glass framed or frame less doors and panels provide both
the contemporary look and space saving function in one. Whether that function is room dividers, closet doors,
barn doors, wall slide doors, cabinet doors or specialty glass doors, Alpha Premier Interiors has the solution.


Due to the versatile nature of glass there are many options that allow you to customize the sliding glass door to meet the needs of both the contemporary design as well as transitional options. On the hardware side there is the sleek, exposed wall mounted system, the ceiling mount suspended panel system, the upper track system, or the floor guided system.
On the glass side the options include clear glass (transparent), acid etched or frosted glass (translucent) or back painted glass (opaque). The back painted glass is a great option as we can take any paint color and match your glass door or panel to the exact decorating scheme and look you are trying to achieve. All doors and panels, whether fixed or sliding ,can be frame less or framed with one of our extruded aluminum options. Wood frames are also available.
Not to overlook functionality, the sliding glass door and panel is the perfect choice. Room dividers and space partitions offer a great option to construction and the mess that goes with it. Barn doors and closet doors are another great application.
Most closets today have the door opening into the closet. This not only takes away or blocks valuable storage space but creates an odd dynamic
as the door is always in the way when your in the closet. Imaging replacing the swing in door with an interior glass barn door or wall slide panel. The doors will flush the wall and slide back and forth without impinging on the space in the closet.
Alpha Premier Interiors can also take care of any specialty glass needs. Work with our designers to create a one of a kind sliding glass door or panel. Print on glass is one option. We can take any high definition photograph and put in on glass create a unique, personal look for your door. You can also choose from hundreds of existing films as well. Custom pattern etching, names, and logos can also be incorporated.

Let Alpha Premier Interiors guide you through the process. From the initial consultation, to design and product selection, to installation and follow up, a one stop way to get the process done.

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